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Christmas 2021 Shipping Deadlines

Christmas 2021 Shipping Deadlines

Carriers are expecting to be busier than usual this holiday period. We advise you to order before the following dates for guaranteed on-time Christmas delivery.

United States (Express Shipping)

21st December 2021

United States (Standard Shipping)

17 December 2021

Canada (Duties Paid)

29th November 2021

Canada (Duties Unpaid)

24th November 2021

United Kingdom (Duties Paid)

6th December 2021

United Kingdom (Duties Unpaid)

24th November 2021

Europe (Duties Paid)

26th November 2021

Europe (Duties Unpaid)

24th November 2021

Australia (Duties Paid)

12th November 2021

Rest of World (Duties Paid)

23rd November 2021

Rest of World (Duties Unpaid)

12th November 2021

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