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Contact Us

How do I get in touch with the Ekster team?


Can’t find your question here, or want to know something else? Our Support team are available to help. To ensure you receive the correct support as quickly as possible, please follow the instructions below based on your inquiry

  • Urgent Inquiries: if your order is lost or you've received the wrong item, please reach out to us via our chat service on our website with your order number and a description of the issue.

  • Product Inquiries: please use the chat service on our website.

  • Order Status: packaging times are 2-3 business days during this busy time of the year. Once your order ships, you will receive an email with your tracking information. If your order is past it's delivery date, please reply to your order confirmation email with a description of the issue so we can assist you as quickly as possible.

  • Returns and Exchanges: please log into our return portal with your full order number (e.g. EKSTER-) and postcode to request a return label or an exchange.

  • Warranty Claims: please email us at nest@ekster.com along with the required information mentioned on our warranty page here.


We believe peace of mind starts with the essentials you carry with you on a daily basis. It is our mission to upgrade these essentials to modern standards and change the way you carry your valuables. For any questions and/ or opportunities related to PR, please contact Rachel Treihaft - Head of Partnerships at: pr@ekster.com.

Please note: end-consumer requests sent to pr@ekster.com will not be forwarded. For questions related to orders, returns, warranty, shipping and other product related issues, please contact the Ekster support team as mentioned above.


If you’re interested in stocking our wallets or making a bulk order, please reach out to us at nest@ekster.com with more information and a formal proposal.

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