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Artlanta x EksterUpdated 6 months ago

We're stocked for the release of our one-of-a-kind collection with Artlanta and want to make you aware of the following points before placing your order:

1. Uniqueness of Product: Each Artlanta wallet is a unique, hand-made masterpiece. Due to the individual craftsmanship involved, please be aware that the wallet you receive may exhibit slight variations in design and color compared to the images displayed on our website. These variations highlight the unique character of your wallet, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike.

2. No Return Policy: Given the exclusive and limited edition nature of these hand-made Artlanta wallets, all sales are final. We do not accept returns or exchanges for these products. By purchasing, you acknowledge the distinctiveness of each wallet and agree to this no-return condition.

3. Extended Shipping Time: As each Artlanta wallet is crafted on a made-to-order basis, the shipping process will inherently take longer than our standard delivery times. We appreciate your patience and understanding in allowing the necessary time to ensure the quality and exclusivity of your product.

4. Email Sharing for Artlanta Club NFT Access: In conjunction with your purchase, you will gain access to an exclusive Artlanta Club NFT. To facilitate this, your email address will be shared with Authic.io, our trusted digital partner. Authic.io will subsequently contact you with detailed instructions on how to activate your Artlanta Club NFT account. By proceeding with your purchase, you consent to this sharing of your email information for the sole purpose of NFT account activation and acknowledge that additional terms may apply as per Authic.io’s policies.

Please note, by completing your purchase of the limited edition Artlanta wallet, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions in full.

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