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How do I cancel or change my order?Updated a year ago

Do you need to change the product you ordered? Change your shipping address? Or cancel your order?  

Within one hour of purchase:

- If you want to make changes to your order within one hour of purchase, please log into your customer account. Please note, any edits will cancel the order and you will be brought back to the checkout.

After one hour of purchase:

- Once the order has been paid for and confirmation is received we cannot guarantee changes can be made.

- Please send us a chat message or an email at [email protected] with the subject line URGENT and we'll see what we can do. 

- If an address is entered incorrectly at the checkout, we do not take responsibility for this and will be unable to send out a replacement order.  We suggest getting in touch with your local carrier again to see if anything can be done to re-direct the order back to you. 

- We are unable to cancel any orders after they have been processed by our warehouse. To receive a refund, you will have to go through the regular returns process.

Need to return your order? Consult our article How do I make a return?

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