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Key Holder

Key Holder

  1. Assembly screw
  2. Key holder lever
  3. Key pole

Features and functionality

  • 32.5 x 16 x 9.6 mm (without Tracker)
  • Capacity: Up to 8 standard keys, or 6 with Tracker
  • Suitable for keys with >4 mm keyhole
  • Suitable for RFID key
  • Magnetic add-on for extra keys

What is the key holder?

The Ekster key holder is a compact key organizer keeping all your keys in a silent stack. It keeps them streamlined and easy to use.

How many keys fit inside?

The key holder's extendable bodies make them a perfect fit for storing up to 8 keys, or up to 6 when paired with the Tracker.

What sized keys will it hold?

Most keys will fit without any issue, as long as:

  • the hole on your key is greater than 4mm in diameter;
  • it has a flat profile;
  • and the length is shorter than 67mm (from the hole to the end of the key).
This also applies to keys with irregularly-shaped holes (e.g. slot, square, triangular).

Can I add extra keys?

Yes, the key holder comes with a magnetic add-on that lets you attach extras such as your car keys.

The keys are loose, how can I prevent this?

You need at least 3 keys in the key holder to ensure nothing falls out. Use the silicone spacers between each key, and make sure the key holder has metal washers between each of the metal arms framing the keys. Make sure to press the key holder tight against the keys inside to avoid any extra wiggle room and to make your keys as secure as possible.

Is the tracker included?

The key holder and the tracker are two different products, so it is not included. However, you can add it to your cart when placing your order for the key holder.

What is the key holder made of?

The key holder is made of stainless steel to ensure durability, and keep it light to carry.

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