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Set up your Power Bank

Set up your Power Bank

The Ekster Wireless Power Bank, the answer to all your charging woes. Designed to let you charge wirelessly, as well as two devices at the same time: it also holds three full charges, depending on your devices. Tablet and phone both running low? No worries. Just charge them both.

  1. Card pocket
  2. Cash storage space
  3. Reset pin slot
  4. Extra Sim-card slot

Charge your power bank

There are four small markings on top of your power bank, which you can see when it’s turned off. These are the power indicators. If they do not turn on at all, the power bank is completely out of power; if the lights blink, it means there’s isn’t enough power to charge your device.

You can charge your power bank with the included cable. Insert this cable in the port on the upper right side (marked input 1) and connect it to your computer via a USB port. You can also use any other USB port with a maximum of 220V. The four power indicators will start to blink; this means your power bank is charging! When it’s fully charged, all four indicators will light up consistently.

For even faster charging, you can charge the power bank with a USB-C cord (not included). The USB-C port is located on top of the power bank, between the standard USB outputs. Look for the words ‘Input 2’ to find the right port. 

Activate wireless charging

Simply press the power button twice to activate wireless charging. A small red light above the power indicators will shine when wireless charging is activated. 

Place your phone on top of the power bank, facing upwards. This is the side with the Ekster logo on it.  Wait until you see the red light turn blue and your phone starts charging.

Charge your device via USB

Connect your device to your power bank using a USB cable, then press the power button located on the top left corner. Your device should start charging immediately. One (or more) of the four power indicators will light up, depending on the level of charge you currently have in your power bank.

If your power bank is running low on power, the four indicator lights will flash. If your power bank is completely out of power, none of the indicators will light up. 

Turn off your power bank

The power bank will automatically turn off within 45 seconds if you turn it on without connecting it to any devices, either wirelessly or via USB.You can also turn it off by holding the power button down for 15 seconds.

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