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Do I need to pay additional customs or duties on my order?Updated 9 months ago

Orders are shipped from the United States so extra duties and taxes may apply, depending on your selected destination. Please note that Ekster is not responsible for, and does not refund these costs. 

For international shipping we offer two options:

  1. Full Customs Clearance 
    This means that all duties and taxes are paid (Delivered Duties Paid, DDP) included in your order. The amount will automatically be calculated before you checkout. 

  2. Duties May Apply
    This option means that delivered duties are unpaid (DDU) and you are responsible for paying the custom duties and any additional fees (if applicable to your country) once your package arrives

Both options will have door to door tracking.

Please note: orders being shipped to the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom do not require additional customs or duties to be paid on the order.

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