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What is Ekster’s Limited Lifetime Warranty with ekster+?Updated 4 days ago

By signing up to our Loyalty Program, ekster+, members gain access to a number of additional benefits, including our extended lifetime warranty of 24 months. If your product has experienced a manufacturing defect, our team will arrange a new product to be shipped out to you, free of charge, within the 24 month time period. Ekster’s mission is to create the most sustainable products, and within this mission, is our efforts to prolong the lifespan of our products for as long as possible. If you have encountered an issue with a part of your product which can be replaced, our team is on hand to make sure you receive the required parts to keep your wallet in use.Members of the ekster+ program are eligible to receive spare product parts for manufacturing defects, free of charge, within the 24 month warranty window. If you require a spare part for a non-manufacturing issue, ekster+ members can purchase these parts with an additional discount.

Our backpacks and add-on come with a two year warranty.

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