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Discounts & Promo Codes

How do I apply promo/discount codes?

To apply a promo or discount code, proceed to checkout and enter your code in the 'Discount Code' field. Click 'Apply' to see your new total before finalizing your order. Only one code can be used per order. Please note that certain products, such as

My promo code isn’t working

The promo code you entered may not work due to an incorrect input (check that you have entered the right letters and numbers), specific conditions (like minimum spend or excluded products), or an expiry date. Please double-check that you are not tryi

Where do I get promo codes/discounts?

To get promo and discount codes, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter, check our homepage, and follow us on social media to get the latest deals. During certain sales, such as our anniversary sale, discounts are automatically applied on the websi

I received a Free Gift code. How can I add it to my order?

To add a free Cash Clip or Tool Card to your order using a discount code, please follow these steps:. Please note that the free Cash Clip / Tool Card offer cannot be redeemed on its own, solely with a gift bag, or as part of a bundle. If you finalize

I forgot to add a promo code but already made a purchase.

If you forgot to apply a promo code at checkout, please contact our customer service team as soon as possible. Depending on the status of your order, our team may be able to apply the promo code for you.

Vincero Discount Codes

Terms and Conditions. We've partnered with Vincero to offer you an exclusive Ekster discount on our wallets. If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support team who will be happy to assist.

Nift Gift Card

Terms and Conditions. - How do I use my Nift Gift Card?. You can purchase Nift exclusive wallets and cardholders via the Nift App. Once you’ve chosen your desired product, you will be redirected to Ekster’s website to complete your purchase. Once you

I've added a Tracker/Finder card to my order and it's not reflected in the cart

If you have trouble adding a Tracker or Finder Card to your order, don't worry! You can do it directly on the checkout page by adding the add-on as shown below. Once added, you'll see the Tracker Card or Finder Card with the given discount:.