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What should I do if my cardholder is not ejecting cards properly?Updated 3 months ago

Our cardholders are designed to hold 4 to 6 standard-sized plastic cards, depending on their thickness, to ensure the easiest ejection.

If you are experiencing difficulty with the card ejection, please follow these steps:

  1. Try to re-arrange your cards within the cardholder, placing any embossed cards towards the inside.
  2. If you have metal cards, be aware that they can often be too heavy or thin, which may affect performance. We recommend placing metal cards in the flap instead.
  3. If re-arranging the cards does not resolve the issue, please shake the cardholder upside down vigorously to attempt ejection of the cards.
  4. In cases where cards are still stuck, you may carefully use tweezers to remove them. Please do this gently to avoid damaging the mechanism.
  5. For persistent issues, please provide us with a picture or video showing the problem, the number of embossed or non-embossed cards you are using, any metal cards present, and the serial number of the cardholder. Additionally, please provide your full address and contact details.
  6. If these steps do not resolve the issue, please let us know so we can assist with a replacement policy, as the cardholder should not malfunction when used as intended.

It's important to note that using the cardholder beyond the recommended capacity, or with paper cards that can jam the mechanism, may cause permanent damage. Please contact us if you require further assistance or information on our replacement policies.

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