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Wallet and Cardholder FAQ's

Everything you need to know about your wallet and how to properly care for it.

How do I care for my wallet?

I love the card access mechanism! How do I make sure it lasts for a long time?. We’re happy to hear you love using your Ekster! Our wallets are pretty resilient (we’ve run them over with cars and they’ve kept going). Please note:. Never force more ca

How does the cardholder work to keep my cards inside it?

The cardholder is designed with a patent friction mechanism. It holds your cards in place when they are inside the cardholder. The friction keeps your cards from flying out of the wallet when you eject them, and keeps them staggered so you can find t

Can I put paper or metal cards inside my cardholder?

Our cardholder wallets (E.g. Ekster Wallet & Ekster Cardholder) were designed for standard credit card-sized plastic cards. We advise you not to use paper or metal cards inside the cardholder of wallets. Paper may jam the mechanism, and metal cards m

Can I carry coins in my wallet?

We suggest you keep your coins in your Piggy Bank!. Our Ekster Wallet can hold up to 4 coins without becoming too bulky. However, this wallet is mainly designed for cards and cash. Our Modular Bifold has a special pocket just for coins or other hidde

I have my wallet, but where is my cardholder?

Don't worry, your cardholder is inside your Ekster Wallet! If you hold your wallet upright, you'll be able to insert a stack of four to six cards (depending on how many are embossed) into the opening. Push the stack of cards all the way in until they

Can I carry my wallet in my back pocket?

We designed our wallets to be ultra thin and perfect for front pocket carry. You can still carry your wallet in your back pocket but we recommend removing it before sitting. Repeated sitting may bend the aluminum cardholder over time and cause the ca

What does RFID stand for, and what does it do?

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, which comes embedded in chips in most credit or debit cards issued in the last decade. These chips are a convenient way to store and transmit data wirelessly. When you hold your card next to a reader an

What should I do if my cardholder is not ejecting cards properly?

Our cardholders are designed to hold 4 to 6 standard-sized plastic cards, depending on their thickness, to ensure the easiest ejection. If you are experiencing difficulty with the card ejection, please follow these steps:. It's important to note that