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My Finder Card isn't charging, what should I do?Updated 3 months ago

How to charge your Ekster Finder Card?

Upon first usage, please charge the Ekster Finder Card for a minimum of 2 hours.

  1. Connect the magnetic point charger on the magnetic points of Ekster Finder Card;

  2. Once connected, the LED light will blink to indicate it is charging;

A white rectangular object with a circle and symbols 
Description automatically generated

  1. Once fully charged and paired, the LED light will remain solid until the charger is disconnected.

  2. If the card is not paired, the LED will be flashing, even if the card is fully charged.

If you encounter issues charging your tracker, follow the steps below: 

1- Confirm that all charging-related components are properly connected (ensure the plug is securely inserted into the socket).

2- Make sure you are using the cable provided with the tracker and an appropriate adapter. You'll need a DC 5V/1A adapter that complies with directive 2014/30/EU.

If you're still having issues, please reach out to our team here
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