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Finder Card, Tracker Card & Key Tracker.


Tracker FAQ's

Everything you need to know about our Tracker Card and Key Tracker.

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Finder Card FAQ's

Everything you need to know about our Finder Card.

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User Manual - Tracker Card

The Tracker Card is a super powerful tracking device the size of credit card that fits seamlessly into most Ekster accessories. The card is solar-powered and utilizes a Global Lost and Found network to ensure global trackability. You can ring your wa

User Manual - Key Tracker

The Ekster Key Tracker is the perfect addition to the keyholder. The Key Tracker utilizes the same Crowd GPS technology as the Tracker Card to make your keys trackable no matter where they are. Built in LED lights illuminate keyholes at night and all

User Manual - Finder Card

You can ring your wallet so you can find it by sound or see the location on a map inside the Apple® Find My® app. In case you really lost your belonging equipped with the Ekster Finder Card, you can find it by using the Apple Find My app. This app le