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Finder Card FAQ's

Everything you need to know about our Finder Card.

What is the battery life of the Finder Card?

With just a single charge, the Finder Card will power through and stay active for an impressive duration of up to 6 months. When the battery finally does get low, you can conveniently recharge it, ensuring continuous use without any interruptions.

Is the Finder Card waterproof and heatproof?

Don't worry about getting caught in the rain or accidental spills. The Finder Card is resistant to water, with an IPX5 rating, offering a degree of protection against the ingress of water. In terms of heat resistance, the Finder Card has an operation

How to set up your Finder Card

How to set up your Ekster Finder Card?. Open the Apple Find My app on your iPhone® (or iPad®);. Press the button on your Ekster Card Finder once (This wakes up your device out of sleep mode, you must hear a sound);. Press the ‘Items’ tab and select ‘

How do I track my wallet?

How to put your Finder Card in ‘Lost Mode’?. Open the Apple Find My app on your iPhone (or iPad);. Press the ‘Items’ tab and select your item;. Scroll down to ‘Lost Mode’ and select ‘Enable’;. Read the instructions carefully and proceed with ‘Continu

How do I reset my Finder Card?

How to reset to factory settings or remove my Finder Card from my device?. Press the button 3 times rapidly and hold for the 4th press (up to 5 seconds);. A confirmation sound will be heard;. The LED will be flashing;. The Ekster Finder Card will be

How do I unpair / remove my Tracker Card from my device? copy

Removal:. To unpair or remove your Tracker Card from your device, please:.

My Finder Card isn't charging, what should I do?

How to charge your Ekster Finder Card?. Upon first usage, please charge the Ekster Finder Card for a minimum of 2 hours. Connect the magnetic point charger on the magnetic points of Ekster Finder Card;. Once connected, the LED light will blink to ind